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3 Boxes Beauty Chocolate
1 Packet Schizandra Berry
1 Packet Blue Butterfly Flower
1 Packet Tremella Mushroom

Your skin shines and radiates when it is healthy and supported. These three adaptogens have been revered as the secrets of famous beauties throughout history, giving them quite an unfair advantage over women who were not able to obtain these herbs.  Now this collection can be easily yours to upgrade your beauty routine with these potent and pure anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin-hydrating adaptogens.   
Of course beauty is also in the way you smile with your eyes, glow around those you love and make others happy when you listen to them. We love and celebrate everything that is beautiful about You.

TREMELLA - Get Your Glow

Tremella contains compounds that act like hyaluronic acid by pulling moisture to the skin, but it's particles are smaller than hyaluronic acid so it's even more effective! It can be used internally AND added to topical serums. Tremella may protect against radiation and traditionally regarded as a lung and skin tonic.

Also known as the "Snow Mushroom" or the "Beauty Mushroom," Tremella has been used in the Chinese herbal system for at least 2000 years. Tremella is virtually flavorless and works as an amazing natural creamer.

BLUE BUTTERFLY POWDER  - Prepare for Metamorphosis

Research has shown that Blue Butterfly Flower can inhibit glycation- which is the main metabolic process that leads to aging and wrinkling of the skin.  It also contains two antioxidants, anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin, which can support production of collagen and elastin.  It may also support healthy blood sugar balance.

Best of all, it has a very neutral flavor similar to a light green tea, making it easy to add to just about any recipe!

SCHIZANDRA - Everlasting Beauty

It is famous in Asia for being one of the great beauty herbs, renowned for its skin cleansing and purifying properties, which are connected to its abilities to support both stage 1 and stage 2 liver detoxification. It is also said to protect the skin from the aging effects of the elements (sun, wind and cold) and has been shown in research to have a protective effect against skin photo aging.

Schizandra has a primarily sweet and sour berry flavor. But it is also a complex flavor combining sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent, earning it's traditional name "The Five Flavor Fruit."

This is a Vegan, Paleo, and Keto Friendly food.

Do not consume if allergic to mushrooms, pregnant or breastfeeding.

During the hot months of the year, orders including chocolate ship with special biodegradable insulation and cold packs to make sure the chocolate gets to you in perfect condition. Chocolate orders will only ship our Monday-Thursday to make sure that your chocolate doesn't spend the weekend in a hot warehouse.

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Ella D.
United States United States
Great Chocolates!! Stellar Ingredients!!

I am really satisfied with the chocolates and drink mixed Ice tried. The variety packs are great to try out different flavors. I’ve been using Addictive Wellness products during my studying for the LSAT and really love that the ingredients are sugar-free. I also love following them on Instagram they post informational videos about the benefits of their different ingredients and I love trying the recipes they post as well. Overall, I am really glad to have found this company and look forward to creating habits to incorporate mushrooms into my daily routine.

Addictive Wellness Radiant Beauty Collection ($103.10 Value) Review