UK & EU Ordering

Long story short... We run our online store on the Shopify platform and unfortunately their banking partners don't allow herbal supplements to be sold to European customers.*** 😭

But not to worry, we can still make it happen! We just have to use a different platform.

Please click here to send us an email with your name, shipping address and a list of the products you'd like to order.

We'll get you a shipping quote and send you a link to a QuickBooks invoice so if you wish, you can safely and securely complete payment by credit card. (Or if you prefer PayPal, just let us know and we can arrange that too.)

Then your order will be on the way to you right away!

***And to be clear, it is 100% legal to order any of our products to Europe. This isn't an issue of legality, but rather Shopify's  banking partners not wanting to be involved in the sales of herbal supplements to Europe.  Those bankers don't understand the magical benefits of adaptogens yet!

Thanks so much for your support of our small family business!