• Infrared Saunas for Incredible Detox

    You've most likely been in a traditional sauna before, but have you been in an infrared sauna?  Comparing a conventional sauna experience with the ultimate sauna experience in a Clearlight EMF-free Infrared sauna is like comparing Green & Black's Chocolate with Addictive Wellness Chocolate..
  • Getting Your Family Healthy - Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

    It's great to be doing everything you can to work on your own health, but of course the very next thing you want to do is get your family and loved ones on the same journey.  But as we all know, this is much easier said than done!  One of the best things you can do is figure out a way to recreate your loved ones' favorite foods in the healthiest way possible and make sure they still taste just as good.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Making Green Smoothies (Recipe)

    First the bad news, then the good news and a delicious recipe to go with it!The usual concept of the "green smoothie," blending a few leafy greens with sugary fruit and liquid to mask the flavor of the greens is a DISASTER for digestion and intestinal bacteria balance.  The body digests the sugary fruit quickly and digests the greens much more slowly.  Combine the two and you've got a big problem!

  • How much cell phone radiation is hitting you and when?

    The fact that our cell phones are giving off harmful radiation is no secret.  There's a pretty clear warning about it in most all cell phone manuals.  But how much radiation/EMF is actually coming from your phone? Is it always happening or only when you are on a call?Do headphones protect you or are they just drawing the radiation right from the phone to your head?
  • Vanilla Cookie Dough Endurance Pudding Recipe

    Tonic herbs, superfoods, and the healthiest brain-fueling fats combine for delicious slow burning energy to power you for hours and hours…