• Sexy Aphrodisiac Elixir for Valentine's Day

    The perfect tonic herbal aphrodisiac elixir for an unforgettable Valentine's evening!


    Ingredients (Serves 2):


    1 teaspoon cistanche
    1 teaspoon cordyceps
    1 teaspoon morinda
    1 teaspoon gelatinized maca
    2 tablespoons cacao powder
    2 tablespoons coconut oil
    12-20 drops liquid stevia
    2 cups hot water Blend on high and enjoy!

    - Hi, I'm Sage. Welcome back to the Addictive Wellness channel.

    - Hi everybody, my name is AnnaBlanca.

    - Today we're getting ready for Valentine's day. It's right around the corner and we're gonna show you guys how to make a quick, really easy, super-powerful aphrodisiac drink that everyone's gonna enjoy. You're gonna love it, and your partner is gonna just really enjoy it.

    - Alright. Why don't we start with cordyceps. It's one of my favorite herbs and I know I say this about every herb so I should really shut up. Their good for both male and female sexual enhancement, and it's one of the best sexual tonic herbs out there. It helps to release the testosterone and helps your body to utilize its own oxygen, so you have more focus, more stamina, and also, very interestingly, they say it helps with sexual malaise and you read into that what you would.

    - Alright, so you gonna put that in?

    - Yes, of course.

    - Alright, so now we've got cistanche. This one is traditionally known as the stalk enlarger. I'll let you guys figure that one out. I think it's pretty straight forward. It's great for both men and women, for enhancing sexual energies and for intensifying the climax experience.

    - Right. And they actually say that cistanche and my next herb is very good together. Why?

    - Well, it's very good for guys, so nothing happens before you want it to happen. Timing is really the name of the game.

    - I actually agree with you on that. Timing is the name of the game. So this other herb that I just said they go very good together with the cistanche it's called morinda. And ladies, it's really good for feeling juicy. It has actually yang fiery energy. Yang is, you know, yin yang. And yang is more like the male energy. But we like having ...

    - It's fiery and passionate.

    - Very passionate. And also it enhances physical endurance and your mental power. Imagine you are going on a very beautiful date and you would like some smarts, it's gonna help you with that.

    - So during your date, you're gonna be really intelligent and on it, and then later, you'll be on it in another way.

    - So, this little cup contains all the passion and we're adding it into our potion.

    - Alright, next we're gonna use gelatinized maca. Now, why gelatinized? This just means it's been processed with some heat and that is to break down the starches and the fiber so it's actually easier to digest. Raw maca can cause some flatulence and if there's one thing we don't want you to have on your sexy Valentine's evening, it's flatulence.

    - No comment. I always agree with you my darling.

    - Yeah.

    - So let's put ...

    - Now we have our cacao powder. So this is our own Addictive Wellness Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao. It's got a flavor unlike any other cacao I bet you've ever experienced. If you're a fan of our chocolate and you love that rich aromatic flavor that it's got, you're gonna love this. So we're gonna put that right in there and that's not just for flavor. Cacao has a lot of, not necessarily directly aphrodisiacs, but things that make you feel happy and relaxed and blissful, and that naturally allows for a beautiful romantic experience. It's got compounds like phenylethylamine, anandamide, theobromine. These are all gonna get you in the right state.

    - The same chemicals that are released in your brain when you're in love.

    - Yeah. That's PEA, phenylethylamine. It's the compound naturally produced by you when you're in love. That's why chocolate and Valentine's are so inextricably intertwined.

    - I think chocolate and this tonic together...

    - Yeah, you could always have a couple pieces of love chocolate, but this is better.

    - Alright let's cream it up a little bit.

    - Alright, so we've got coconut oil going in here. That's gonna be, essentially, our creamer. There's other options you could use here. Grass-fed ghee, if that's something you're into, is a great addition, and really great flavor-wise as well. And you can even use like a styrian roasted pumpkin seed oil, really high in zinc so

    - Oh.

    - So great for male function there as well.

    - Alright, and a little bit of hot water. One cup of hot water. Or you can double up the dose if you want to make it a drink for two.

    - And then six drops of stevia going in there, give or take a few drops, depending on how sweet or not sweet you like it.

    - This is, what flavor is that?

    - This is the butterscotch flavored stevia, so that combines really nicely with the cacao.

    - Organic.

    - Of course, there's different flavored stevias out there but this is an organic, butterscotch stevia. Now, we're just gonna blend this up and you're ready to roll.
  • FB Live - Diet Wars in Relationships

    Tonight we'll be talking about how we harmoniously thrive in a relationship where we have significant differences in our diets!  Food is such a central part of any relationship and many people struggle when their partner isn't aligned with their health journey or may just eat a completely different diet. We're going to talk about how we navigate this in our own relationship and also having an open Q&A answering questions on this topic and anything else that may be on your mind!

  • Turmeric Absorption Secrets + Easy Recipe

         If you've been interested in natural health for a little while, you'll probably know that turmeric has become famous for it's anti-inflammatory properties.  But if you don't take turmeric in just the right way, it doesn't actually get digested and the vast majority of the benefits are missed out on?

         The key to making sure turmeric actually gets absorbed into the body is to consume it with a small amount of black pepper.  (Alternatively, it could also be consumed with piperine, a compound extracted from black pepper.)  Just a tiny amount of black pepper can result in significantly better absorption of turmeric and the beneficial curcumin it contains.  (Curcumin is the main bioactive substance in turmeric responsible for fighting inflammation at the cellular level.) This is why black pepper is also traditionally a common ingredient in curry and curry powder!  Consuming turmeric with healthy fats, as is also traditionally done in Indian cuisine, will also help escort the cucurmin into the bloodstream.

         How does this work?  Even just a very small amount of black pepper stops the liver from eliminating the turmeric curcumin too quickly, allowing turmeric levels in the blood to significantly increase.  Just 1/20th of a teaspoon of pepper can increase the bioavailability of turmeric by 2000%.  On top of that, eating turmeric with healthy fats allows the curcumin to be absorbed through the lymphatic system and partially bypass the liver.

         So it should come as no surprise that this is how turmeric is traditionally consumed- with black pepper and fat!  Now that the turmeric has actually made it into the blood, watch the video above to learn about the incredible benefits of this radiant root!

  • Sun Protection - Clean, Natural & Healthy

         When it comes to sun protection, most people think the only way to do it is by slathering themselves with toxic chemical sunscreens.  What many people don't realize, is that you can affect your skin's resilience in the sun both internally and externally.  In this post, we're going to talk about the best ways to do both!

         Mainstream sunscreens are an absolute abomination on every level!  Oxybenzone, the most common active ingredient is a xenoestrogen (chemical estrogen mimic) and rated an 8/10 on the EWG's toxicity scale for cosmetic toxicity. (1=clean, 10=super toxic)  Oxybenzone is able to penetrate past the skin and interfere with the hormone receptors in the body.

         The good news is, there are alternatives! The approach we take personally is to regularly supplement with astaxanthin, a red algae pigment that is extremely protective of the skin.  It's important to note that you really have to take this supplement regularly to experience the effects- you can't just take it on the day you're going to be in the sun because it has to build up in your system.  Then if we're going to be in the sun for longer periods of time for which astaxanthin alone would not provide enough protection, we'll use very cleanly formulated sunscreens with non-nano zinc oxide as the only active ingredient.

         And the final key is not to use harsh soaps immediately after being in the sun.  Vitamin D has such a wide variety of health benefits and it builds up on your skin while in the sun and then is soaked into your body over the following hours.  But if you immediately use harsh soaps, you'll simply be stripping away this priceless Vitamin D.

    Have a beautiful summer and stay safe and healthy in the sun!

  • Avatar Blue Butterfly Anti-Aging Superfood Ice Cream

    This is a recipe we've been looking forward to making for a really long time! It's not just a treat for the tastebuds, but also a treat for the eyes- that blue color is just so incredible!  And of course the texture and flavor are downright addictive ;)  If that wasn't enough, watch the video to learn why the star ingredient has serious anti-aging benefits.

     If you don't have a high-power blender like a VitaMix, you can use 6 oz of ice and 12 oz of almond milk or coconut milk to make a blue milk shake... not quite the same thing as ice cream, but still totally delicious!

    In a VitaMix Blender put:
    10 lage Ice cubes (Approx. 24 oz ice)
    2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds
    2 Tablespoons Lucuma
    1 Tablespoon Non-GMO Lecithin
    1 teaspoon Tremella powder (optional)
    2 teaspoons Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
    1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Powder
    1 Tablespoon Grass-fed Ghee (vegans can substitute coconut oil, mct oil or soaked cashews)
    20 drops Omica Liquid Stevia

    Blend on high until smooth while aggressively using the tamper/plunger to drive the ingredients down into the blade. Enjoy!

  • Delicious Superfood Salad Toppings

    Why have just a salad when you could have so much more!?  Fresh leafy green vegetables are a fantastic and important component of a healthy nutritious diet.  But rather than simply topping your salad with olive oil and a little bit of lemon juice of apple cider vinegar, you can take it a step further and upgrade your salad with some of these powerful superfoods!  Not only do the ingredients we talk about in this video offer fantastic sources of iodine, protein, omega-3s, and more, but they are also absolutely delicious.  Perhaps the best part is that most people have never even heard of these, so they'll give you something fascinating to talk about when you're serving the salad at your next dinner party!
  • How to Feed Your Heart, Body, and Soul

    How to Feed Your Soul

    By Shanna Fanelli

    Figuring out health these days can be intimidating. Looking at a list of popular diets and lifestyle hacks holds more shout-outs than any rap song roll-call. An innocent run to the grocery store becomes a race where items are either quickly tossed into the cart before that “health-nut” you always run into can scan your selections, or you end up with a walk-of-shame over the extraneous amount you spent on organic, biodynamic superfoods. 

    All in the name of health.

    But really, what is health? Is it simply the act of feeding our bodies the energetic fuel it needs? Is it creating a rigid schedule of yoga and alternating between calisthenics and cardio? Is it being in the BBG community? Is it looking lean and amazing or is it being able to count grams and be the Jeopardy Master of the nutritional content of everything?

    We count and chart and macro until we’ve cornered our gastronomic experiences into such a microcosm of rules and comparisons that we throw in the proverbial towel and wind up doing exactly what we should be doing, only with the wrong types of foods, drinks and activities – and that, my friends, is the simple act of eating and doing what we want.

    To be truly nourished encompasses the entire BE-ing; that is, your mind, body and heart. When you nourish yourself, you honor yourself. Yes, investing in the best foods and supporting local farmers and craftsworkers will connect your spirit to your intentions of humanity, love and respect, but are you encompassing these beliefs in all that you do? Even if you’re eating the most nutritious, paleo, sugar-free chocolate treats, staying in ketosis and doing high intensity interval training, you likely won’t reach your true goals without practices to nourish yourself on a deeper level. 

    It’s this authentic concept of nourishing ourselves - on all levels - that is what we are really craving. Digesting feelings of gratitude for the air we breath, love and respect for the earth we harvest from, grace and empathy for those around us (in addition to our daily practices of ingesting pure foods and drink) – this is true wellness. Moving our bodies with awareness, noticing the small magic in the everyday, being conscience and truly tapping into our intuition of what we really want grounds us and keeps us in tune with who we are. Nourishment is provided in the warming sun, the wet waters, the physical earth and the invisible winds. These elements are in everything and in us. Our authentic selves want to connect to all the earth provides – every natural experience, taste, and sound is not only exciting but healing and regenerative! 

    True nourishment is not a trend, it’s not a list, it’s not waiting to be read or bought and it certainly isn’t out to intimidate or impress.

    Don’t worry about doing diets, trends or health. Just BE well, be grateful, aware, respectful to life and self-honor. And listen to YOUR body – it is a sacred vessel, and it will tell you what you really want. Without any roll-call.

  • Goji Berries- Way More Than Antioxidants

         In recent years, goji berries have become so popular that almost everyone knows that they're good for you!  But the power of goji berries to support your health goes far beyond the antioxidant content of this superfood.

         Goji berries grow in some of the most extreme climates on earth and contain compounds known as sesquiterpenoids, which actually stimulate the pituitary and the pineal gland to improve secretion of human growth hormone (HGH).  For most people, HGH levels decline significantly as we age to the extent that a 70 year old will have only 1/10th the HGH levels of a 20 year old.  Lower HGH levels lead to poor energy production, muscle wasting, and increased tendency to put on body fat.  Being able to naturally support HGH production can help us maintain youthful energy, vitality, and vigor throughout our lives!

         Goji berries are also a great eye food!  They contain two specific antixoidants, zeaxanthin and lutein, which target the eyes.  The long chain polysaccharides in goji berries have also been found to have great immunomodulating properties.

         And best of all, there's so many delicious ways to enjoy them! You can eat the dried berries, soak them in water, blend them into drinks, blend them into ice creams, and much more!  Leave us a comment to let us know what your favorite way to eat goji berries is!
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Packed with Herbs

    This chocolate ice cream recipe is so smooth, creamy, and delicious, you would never guess that it is packed full of potent herbal extracts!  If you don't have a high-power blender like a VitaMix, you can use 6 oz of ice and 12 oz of almond milk or coconut milk to make a chocolate milk shake... not quite the same thing as ice cream, but still totally delicious!

    In a VitaMix Blender put:
    10 lage Ice cubes (Approx. 24 oz ice)
    2 Tablespoons Addictive Wellness Cacao Powder
    2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds
    1 Tablespoon Lucuma
    1 Tablespoon Mesquite
    1/2 teaspoon ashwagandha
    1/2 teaspoon cordyceps
    1/2 teaspoon reishi
    1/2 teaspoon he shou wu
    1 tablespoon almond butter or grass-fed ghee
    1 tablespoon C8 Caprylic Acid MCT OIl from Coconuts
    20 drops Omica Stevia

    Blend on high until smooth while aggressively using the tamper/plunger to drive the ingredients down into the blade. Enjoy!

  • The Greatest Adaptogen You've Never Heard of- Gynostemma

    At some point or another, we’ve all imagined a sci-fi future with robots that can predict our needs, knowing what we need before we even know it ourselves.  They would have the shower turned on for us before we got out of bed, breakfast waiting for us at the table, and they might even drive our cars (or hovercrafts!) for us.   And of course, they’d know exactly what to do to promote our optimal levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health, leaving no detail overlooked.  While it may be a few years before we have stainless steel butlers, unbeknownst to most people, for thousands of years, nature has provided humans with intelligent adaptogenic herbs to regulate their bodily functions and achieve optimal health.

    Adaptogens, especially well known in Ayurveda, Taoist Tonic Herbalism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, are also known as dual-directional herbs.  This means that they are able to regulate certain bodily functions in whatever direction is needed by the body, distinguishing them from all other herbs, which will only be able to push bodily functions in one direction or another.  There are many different adaptogens in the world, including ginseng, maca, gynostemma, astragalus, and ashwagandha, to name just a few.

    Gynostemma Adaptogen

    Gynostemma wasn’t widely known, even in China, until the early 1970s when Japanese researchers took a closer look into the incredible longevity being achieved by residents of a particular region in Southern China where gynostemma tea was being consumed on a daily basis.  The dual-directional nature of adaptogens is generally attributed to compounds in the herbs called saponins.  While the most famous adaptogenic herb in the world, ginseng, contains on average 36 saponins, the Japanese researchers found that gynostemma contained over 80 different saponins.  Gynostemma holds the record to this day for the broadest range of saponins of any known plant in the world.  The similarities in the saponins between ginseng and gynostemma earned gynostemma nicknames such as “7-Leaf Ginseng,” “Southern Ginseng,” and “Ginseng at a tea price,” reflecting how affordable it was compared to ginseng of comparable potency.  However, the people who have been drinking it for hundreds, if not thousands of years still call it “The Magical Grass.”

    Gynostemma’s incredible saponin profile gives it the ability to regulate a vast myriad of bodily functions, covering everything from energy, to immunity, to weight and cholesterol.  For example, whether one is tired or overly-anxious, gynostemma will help restore a state of peaceful vigor, without being stimulating or sedative.  Both athletes and those wanting to lose weight will equally appreciate that gynostemma simultaneously increases the body’s ability to burn fat and build lean muscle.  Furthermore, studies in Japan and China have shown gynostemma to have an effective rate of 94.8% in lowering “bad” cholesterol while increasing “good” cholesterol.

    Now you’re probably wondering, “This all sounds fantastic, but how do I get this herb into my body? And surely something so healthy must taste horrible!”  Firstly, your taste buds need not fear, gynostemma tea is actually slightly sweet and very tasty!  Where as many herbs must be cooked for long periods of time to extract their beneficial compounds, gynostemma comes in easy-to-use tea bags and need only be steeped in near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes.  Not in the mood or don’t have time for a hot tea?  No worries, gynostemma is also available in capsule form.  No matter how you take it, this is an incredible herb that can be taken throughout the day, by just about anyone at any stage of life to build great health and vitality.

    Our favorite gynostemma tea product is Spring Dragon Longevity Tea from Dragon Herbs- at just $9 for a box of 20 teabags (each of which is strong enough to make 3 cups of tea), you've got nothing to lose- give it a try!

    Stay tuned to future blog posts to learn how we use gynostemma tea to create a wide variety of delicious and potent hot tonic creations!

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    Give this sugar-free aphrodisiac elixir a try with your partner and learn about the amazing energetic effects of the Chinese herb polygala!
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    Cliff Notes:
    Is the Wim Hof Method awesome? Yes!
    How much time does it take? 30 minutes/day
    How long is the online course? 10 weeks of video guidance, then you can continue as you
  • Beauty Berry Ice Cream Recipe

    Life with the Addictive Wellness team is always ridiculously fun.  Just the other day a meeting with our friends, Campion and Sally Primm, who masterminded our packaging design quickly turned into an ecstatic ice cream party!  Flavor/function of the day?
  • Immortal Machine Ice Cream - Raw Chocolate Vegan Protein Meal Recipe

    This delicious recipe is based on the Immortal Machine blend- a delicious chocolate hemp protein superherb mix created by David Wolfe and Justin Bua.  They've done a great job with this one- you can blend it with almond milk and it tastes just like chocolate milk! But with so many benefits!
  • Infrared Saunas for Incredible Detox

    You've most likely been in a traditional sauna before, but have you been in an infrared sauna?  Comparing a conventional sauna experience with the ultimate sauna experience in a Clearlight EMF-free Infrared sauna is like comparing Green & Black's Chocolate with Addictive Wellness Chocolate..
  • Getting Your Family Healthy - Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

    It's great to be doing everything you can to work on your own health, but of course the very next thing you want to do is get your family and loved ones on the same journey.  But as we all know, this is much easier said than done!  One of the best things you can do is figure out a way to recreate your loved ones' favorite foods in the healthiest way possible and make sure they still taste just as good.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Making Green Smoothies (Recipe)

    First the bad news, then the good news and a delicious recipe to go with it!The usual concept of the "green smoothie," blending a few leafy greens with sugary fruit and liquid to mask the flavor of the greens is a DISASTER for digestion and intestinal bacteria balance.  The body digests the sugary fruit quickly and digests the greens much more slowly.  Combine the two and you've got a big problem!

  • How much cell phone radiation is hitting you and when?

    The fact that our cell phones are giving off harmful radiation is no secret.  There's a pretty clear warning about it in most all cell phone manuals.  But how much radiation/EMF is actually coming from your phone? Is it always happening or only when you are on a call?Do headphones protect you or are they just drawing the radiation right from the phone to your head?
  • Vanilla Cookie Dough Endurance Pudding Recipe

    Tonic herbs, superfoods, and the healthiest brain-fueling fats combine for delicious slow burning energy to power you for hours and hours…