Soursop Ice Cream with Annie Love

Soursop Ice Cream with Annie Love

Annie Love brings magic to the kitchen.  We should know, we’ve known this amazing woman for ten years!  

This time she made an ice cream recipe with us that she learned as a child growing up in Trinidad.  We cannot wait to share the recipe and its story with you!  All you need is

1 peeled and cleaned soursop (or cherimoya if it is easier to find)
12 oz of coconut cream
20 drops of stevia
1 tsp of Pine Pollen
1 tsp of Tremella
1 tsp of Astragalus

Blend it up and pour it into an easy ice cream machine. This little red machine is a new addition to our kitchen and we are happily obsessed with how incredibly easy it is to make ice creams with it! Y ou can find it on our Amazon Favorite Products page.   
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