Pine Pollen & Mango Popsicles Recipe

Pine Pollen & Mango Popsicles Recipe


It is not exactly a confession since who doesn’t love those sweet treats on a hot, steamy summer day?   But I only love popsicles that are not hiding a chemical sh*t-storm 💩🌪️

Where does that leave me?  Usually making my own popsicle and ice cream.  And it is so much fun!  I don’t know who said that we shouldn’t play with our food but they’ve never been to my kitchen!  All we do is experiment and play with our food.

What went into this delicious experiment?  
• 3 ripe, perfect mangos
• 2 teaspoon of raw local unfiltered wildflower honey

Blended it all up, poured the smooth puree into my popsicle maker and let my freezer do the rest of the work!  

The decorative dips are shredded coconut, plus white and black sesame seeds. 
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