Double Chocolate Marble Popsicle

Double Chocolate Marble Popsicle

There are certain laws in nature that nobody should argue with. One of them being “Chocolate is good but DOUBLE chocolate is TWICE as good!” This is just math and nobody could argue with such basic principal.

So let’s make this Double Chocolate Marble magical popsicle!

Step 1.
Take 13 oz of coconut cream that was kept cold in the fridge.

Step 2. 
Add 1 tsp of Addictive Wellness Astragalus, 1 tsp of Addictive Wellness Pine Pollen, 1 Tbsp of Addictive Wellness Tremella Mushroom and 10 drops of stevia.

Step 3. 
Blend this adaptogen-fortified delicious cream on high till smooth.

Step 4. 
Drizzle in 1 bar of melted Addictive Wellness Beauty Chocolate.

Step 5. 
Gently marble the cream and spoon it all into popsicle molds.

Step 6. 
Once frozen, dip it into melted chocolate again and let is set.

That’s it! So easy and sinfully, deeply delicious… Don’t forget to share!
Addictive Wellness Chocolate Popsicle Cream
Addictive Wellness Chocolate Cream
Addictive Wellness Chocolate Cream Bowl
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