AnnaBlanca's Adaptogen Coffee

AnnaBlanca's Adaptogen Coffee


Into the blender, put:
1 cup mycotoxin-free (or ultra-low mycotoxin) coffee
1 cup nut milk
1/4 teaspoon Ashwagandha
1/4 teaspoon Reishi Mushroom
1/4 teaspoon Astragalus
1/4 teaspoon Lion's Mane Mushroom
1/4 teaspoon Tremella Mushroom
A couple of drops of stevia (to taste)


Top with sugar-free coconut whipped cream and drop a piece of Addictive Wellness Chocolate to melt in the coffee.


- I'm going to make my favorite morning drink right now. There are so many versions of it, I wouldn't even know where to start but one thing is sure the basic is coffee. Some days it's decaf but lots of days it's actually coffee. And coffee could be a drink that you grab on the go because you need a quickly boost but it also could be a ceremony. And I haven't met two people who like the same kind of coffee.


So let me just go through a couple of variations, and then you can figure out which one you would like most, if you would like to try one of them. So I start with this incredible mycotoxin-free coffee, brewed hot one cup, that goes into our metal blender. And I hear it back quite a lot from many of our followers and friends, that they use our Elixir Blends, as the creamer. Some people like one packet of caramel and some people like one packet of Cacao Elixir. It's so easy because it already has, 3,500, 3,200 milligram of herbs in each and it's already sweetened and acts like a creamer. So that is a very quick, very easy way to go.


The other one that I like to do many, many many times is grabbing some herbs that I feel that would be supporting me that week and make a little herb jar mix. This time actually I put here actually I've wrote it down to make sure I remember ashwagandha, reishi, astragalus, lion's mane and tremella, layer them up, mix them up and this way it's so much faster. If I'm in a hurry in the morning, just take one teaspoon of this and put it into the coffee. So, let's do it right now. One teaspoon. This is not blended up enough, but I wanted to show it because it's so beautiful.


The next thing I like to put in there is maybe half a cup to a cup of hot, either homemade, almond milk, homemade cashew milk, coconut milk, whichever you prefer. So one cup of that, if you like a latte there, and one tablespoon of MCT oil, gives you so much more brainpower and extra energy and I like it sweetened with stevia. So I think I don't like it too sweet. It really depends on your taste. I'm going to just put one to two drops. Really it depends on your taste. Sweetener is so much about personal, personal feeling right? And just gonna blend it up, blend it up hot to make it nice fluffier for me. Where is the lead? Sssh found it. Let's do it
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