Raw Cacao Nibs

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12 oz. (340 g)

This is a Vegan, Paleo, and Keto Friendly food. Tested to be free of mycotoxins!

These elite quality certified organic raw cacao nibs are made from the same volcanic-soil grown heirloom cacao trees as the cacao beans we use in our chocolate.  They are perfect for blending into a smoothie or sprinkling on top to add some super-nutritious crunch, using in place of chocolate chips in recipes, or adding into trail mix.  

There are many varieties of cacao on the market, most of which come from hybrid plants known as CCN-51.  CCN-51 trees are very small and able to grow in open fields and produce an inferior quality cacao.  Unlike the CCN-51 plant, the heirloom trees Arriba Nacional trees that our cacao comes from can only grow in an intact forest environment and produce the highest quality cacao in the world.  Because they require this intact forest environment to grow, by consuming this kind of cacao, you are helping to incentivize local people to protect the rainforest and act as its' environmental stewards.

In addition to being the highest food source of antioxidants, cacao is also a powerful food source of magnesium and chromium- 2 minerals that our western diets often do not provide enough of. Additionally, this food is naturally sugar-free and gluten-free.

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Brett D.
United States United States
Pure and Simple

Love adding the plain nibs to my daily shake: mainly a concoction of hot coffee (but not too hot!) which, when combined with the power of the Vitamix, results in a fine purée that adds an “Addictive” () level of creaminess. Of course, the nutritional boost (e.g. fat, fiber, protein, minerals, etc. — all in their natural proportions) goes without saying!

Robert T.
United States United States
Chocolate at its purest!

Great; the chocolate is outstanding in taste, best we have had, and without the fear of toxins. Up until we found addictive wellness, it was always a quandary as to what products to trust even if they were organic because toxins were not tested for. It is truly possible to be addicted to chocolate and free and concern for toxins. Good Job Sage and AnnaBlanca Robert Taylor. Vero Beach, Fl

Nathan E.
United States United States

best and healthiest chocolate i’ve ever had with quick shipping

Kelly C.
United States United States
Best chocolate ever

I’m totally addicted and love that it’s clean eating !

Nanci B.
United States United States
The Best Chocolate I’ve Found

From beginning to end everything was top notch-I loved learning about your chocolates and how they focus on different attitudes/feelings that fine chocolate can bring to you when you’re savoring excellence! I’ve always been a dark chocolate lover, and this chocolate takes the cake as far as flavor, texture, ingredients, and has all the richness with none of the sugar! Finally, I’ve found that chocolate bar with outstanding superior flavor, that you wish could last forever in your mouth, yet Addictive Wellness takes it a HUGE step forward with the addition of fantastic herbs and adaptogens and mushrooms that benefit your health in a multitude of ways- yet all you taste is that rich luxurious dark chocolate ‼️ My days of searching are finally over- I’ve found the best chocolate EVER