Raw Heirloom Artisanal Chocolate - Purely Superfoods and Superherbs
Sugar-Free • Gluten-Free • GMO-Free Soy-Free • Dairy-Free • Nut-Free

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What percentage cacao are Addictive Wellness chocolates?

Addictive Wellness chocolates are 83% cacao

Will the Energy and Tranquility chocolates just cancel each other out if I eat them together?

Not at all. These are all adaptogenic herbs and have great synergy together!

Is there possibility of contamination with allergens or GMOs?

No, our chocolate is made in a dedicated environment on dedicated equipment that is completely free of GMOs, soy, sugar, corn, gluten, dairy, and tree nuts.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring compound that tastes sweet, but does not affect blood sugar or cause tooth decay. Xylitol is produced naturally in human metabolism and is also found in sources such as schizandra berries, various hardwood trees, and corn. Most "plant based" xylitol is made from GMO corn- we would never put this kind of xylitol in our bodies or our products. The xylitol used in our chocolate is made only from sustainably harvested North American birch trees.

What is stevia?

Stevia is a small leafy green plant that grows well in a variety of climates. My aunt actually grows it in her garden in Santa Barbara, CA. Stevia is very interesting because it contains compounds called rebaudiosides that taste sweet, but do not contain any sugar and do not affect blood sugar. We use a very special stevia that does not have the bitter aftertaste of many stevia products.

What makes the mushrooms in these chocolates special?

The mushrooms in our chocolates (reishi, chaga, lion's mane, and tremella) are from an elite class of mushrooms known as tree mushrooms. They affect the body very differently than conventional ground mushrooms and have been extremely well studied.

Is Addictive Wellness chocolate certified organic?

In sourcing our ingredients, our primary focus is finding the purest and most potent botanicals. Sometimes these come from certified organic operations, sometimes they come from wild remote mountain environments in rich soil watered by natural springs that aren’t certified. We’re always going for the most beneficial ingredients and we’re not going to let an organic certificate stand in the way of us using the highest quality herbs available.

Is Addictive Wellness chocolate safe for diabetics?

Yes, absolutely!

How should I store the chocolate at home?

Stored in a cool and dry place, (not in the refrigerator) our chocolate will have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. If you do not have somewhere to keep the chocolate below 72º without putting it in the refrigerator, please follow this process:

  • Place the chocolate inside a ziplock bag and squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag before closing it.
  • Place the chocolate in the refrigerator
  • When you are ready to take it back out, be sure to allow it to warm back up to room temperature before opening the ziplock bags.

Is this chocolate vegan?

Yes, Addictive Wellness Chocolate is 100% Vegan.

What is the shelf life of the chocolate?

1 year from the date of manufacture.

Why “Addictive Wellness”?

The word “addictive” comes from the latin word “addictionem” meaning “to be devoted to your loved one, to your god, to your passions". It was first used in its modern meaning in the 19th century when it started to describe people’s obsession with and "devotion to" opium.