• Kevin N.

    Super fan

    Omg, let me just start by saying that I am an extreme quality ingredient health connoisseur and these chocolates surpassed my expectations by far. I have never left a review for anything that I even liked or disliked and I am not even a fan of dark chocolate but these chocolates are super delicious, super high-quality, beautiful packaging, and very effective. The focus will help you focus, the energy will give you energy, and the tranquility will relax you as claimed.

    Kevin N. 06.06.17
  • Donata B.

    Absolutely Awesome

    This chocolate is so delicious and full of flavor it blows me away every time I eat it, whether it's by itself or inside pancakes or even muffins! I also really love that it's super healthy and has no sugar!!! So overall these chocolates are amazing and I would definitely recommend purchasing them!!!

    Donata B. 06.30.17
  • Natalie K.

    Chai, Caramel and Hot Cocoa Elixirs

    I am obsessed with all of these! I have never had a en elixir this amazing and delicious! You can't go wrong with these they are one of the best treats you'll ever get that will heal you and your family! I can't recommend them enough!!

    Natalie K. 08.03.17
  • Pamela B.


    The experience starts when you open the box. The aroma of the different mushroom and chocolate combinations is intoxicating. They smell as delicious as they taste. The chocolate is smooth and creamy on my tongue, never an after taste. Each mix has a subtle difference but none overpower the taste of pure chocolate. Knowing that each blend has a specific purpose makes it even better. I can feel my energy increase with the Energy blend and a calming effect with Tranquility. I love that it is good for me as well as the best tasting chocolate I have even had the pleasure of eating.

    Pamela B. 03.31.17
  • Danny C.

    Best Chocolate we've ever had.. no joke

    My wife and I ordered a 12 box set and were blown away by these chocolates. We were both really into Chinese Herbs and adaptogens, so to see a completely sugar free, toxic mold free, and made with a sturdy dose of our favorite herbs we were sold. This literally will be our only chocolate from here on out!

    Danny C. 02.11.17
  • Michelle D.

    Love Chocolate

    I am completely obsessed with chocolate and superfoods, and have tried just about every type of raw chocolate out there, and addictive wellness is by far my favourite. The chocolate itself is perfectly balanced, not to mention the all natural sugar free sweeteners as an added bonus. The herbs they use are perfect as well. The love chocolate left me feeling nourished and grounded, calmed and satisfied. I have to get this stuff shipped all the way to Canada for myself, and it is totally worth it. Once you've tried it, nothing else compares.

    Michelle D. 05.01.17
  • Shawna H.

    Amazing Chocolate

    This chocolate rocks! I've never tasted anything quite like it. Deep. Complex. Smooth. I can't get enough!

    Shawna H. 06.03.17
  • Scott S.

    Hard to find

    It's hard to find a company who "gets it". I'm committed to eating foods that are high quality and free of harmful substances. AW understands this philosophy and provides a product that fits my lifestyle. And tastes great.

    Scott S. 04.20.17
  • Elle B.

    Well Done!

    These are beautifully and thoughtfully presented chocolates that have been elevated by a skillful and sophisticated blending of medicinals and are nicely balanced in flavor and texture. I do not consider myself sensitive, so I was surprised and pleased to experience a sense of clarity and motivation after taking one -- I gave my house a good clean! :)

    Elle B. 02.27.17
  • Teresa P.

    Chocolate I feel GOOD about!

    I'm a chocolate connoisseur and I enjoy chocolate immensely. For beauty and health reasons, I transitioned from milk chocolate, to semi-sweet chocolate, and NOW I discovered Addictive Wellness chocolate. My pantry has been transformed! Thank you, Sage and AnnaBlanca, for creating a wellness chocolate I truly enjoy and feel good about having in my pantry!

    Teresa P. 12.13.16
  • Phil K.

    Suberb quality and taste that REALLY tastes wonderful

    I am a first-time buyer of this wonderful chocolate. I am a father of 4 active kids, a triathlete and a technology professional in the security space... I am a busy guy with a lot going on trying to keep everything in balance... The energy and focus chocolates tastes wonderful and I am using them prior to my swims for starters because that is the hardest for me to concentrate on. I am also making them part of my morning routine of bullet proof coffee. I am the energizer bunny!!!

    Phil K. 03.28.17
  • Allie H.

    The perfect chocolate!

    Even not considering that this chocolate is zero glycemic and charged with potent herbs and superfoods, it is delicious!! Rich and wonderfully cacao-y with absolutely NO weird tastes of stevia and xylitol, as I've often found in other chocolates. And there's one kind for every purpose/goal, which makes eating it even more meaningful that pure pleasure. Double win.

    Allie H. 02.23.17
  • Jennifer

    One of the best products on the market

    Finally found a chocolate treat that tastes amazing and is sugar-free!! Also appreciate the responsible sourcing of ingredients and potent doses of herbs! Excellent!! Thank you so much!

    Jennifer 02.23.17
  • Britanny Y.

    I will never go back to regular chocolate!

    Addictive Wellness is an absolute game-changer. Their chocolates are rich, buttery, satisfying, and don't send me into sugar-craving spiral like regular chocolate. Normally I would eat a whole box in a sitting but I savored these over the course of a week. The medicinal mushrooms were a huge motivation to buy for me, but after tasting it I'm in love! I was expecting a little bitterness and there is none. Just luscious, beautifying, nourishing, chocolatey taste. This is my ultimate self-love indulgence!

    Britanny Y. 02.10.17
  • Sarah M.

    Best Ever

    I continue to order not only because it tastes amazing and provides so much nutrition but also because of the knowledge and integrity of the creators Sage and Anna Blanca

    Sarah M. 01.06.17
  • Pearson N.

    Didn't Know I Could Feel This Good From Chocolate!

    I have been blown away by the taste and more importantly how I feel from both the chocolates and elixir drinks. I now use the elixirs earlier in the day in place of coffee for energy and focus, and the Tranquility chocolates after dinner for dessert. I didn't know that I could feel this great from something that tastes so amazing!

    Pearson N. 07.27.17
  • Donna P.

    Smoothe and Delicious

    The taste was so wonderful that I actually said "ahh" when I took my first sip of this Chai. I checked the label several times to make sure there were no ingredients that were not allowed when trying to stay healthy and thin. Ingredients are all good. Yum yum.

    Donna P. 07.27.17
  • Sonia K.

    My Holy Grail Chocolates

    As a lifelong vegan chocolate lover (ok, addict), I'm always looking for chocolate that's vegan, low-glycemic and delicious. Obviously a difficult combo. When I found Addictive Wellness I was blown away. Not only is it vegan and sugar-free, it's packed with superfoods and adaptogens. I eat a box a day and feel zero guilt because I know I'm giving myself a boost of nutrients in the process. Thank you AWC for making my can't-live-without snack!

    Sonia K. 04.15.17
  • Ryan


    These chocolates are amazing! There is absolutely nothing but the best put into each and every cup. I honestly feel different after consuming just one piece, I feel so focused and have a clear head. It's incredible, I've experienced this multiple times. Thank you Addictive Wellness!

    Ryan 02.23.17
  • Katie O.

    Best Chai EVER!!

    I absolutely love chai tea and I am always trying to find one without sugar. I can finally stop looking because this is the best tasting chai ever! I love drinking it because of the taste and the fact that all the ingredients are healthy and good for you.

    Katie O. 08.06.17
  • Arden M.

    LOVE my Wellness Addiction the this CHOCOLATE!!!

    If you're wanting a high quality chocolate that is super tasty, then Addictive Wellness Chocolate is what you're after. This chocolate is sinful. Now, I am making this short because I need to have a beauty cup, getting hungry!

    Arden M. 05.26.17
  • Whitney W.

    Energy Cacao

    This last year I have been in the process of treating, healing, and recovering from intensive treatment for Lyme disease + multiple co-infections. I have had to completely revamp my lifestyle and diet. One major struggle had been my energy. Addictive Wellness Energy Cacao has given be another spark to life with its superfoods & mushrooms. I've shared the site with so many friends and family since I tried that first bite! Truly divine!

    Whitney W. 06.02.17
  • Jennifer B.

    Addictive and PERFECT

    So I wrote a review about the Caramel already and now I MUST talk about the CHAI!! OMG, not only are the flavors SPOT ON for the chai spices (we are huge chai lovers in my house) but the sweetness is perfectly balanced with the spices and the whole combination is HEAVENLY. We were using almond milk with the Caramel, so we decided to try Coconut Milk with the Chai along with 1T of Vanilla infused Ghee (but you could totally do coconut cream or coconut oil if Vegan). We heated the ghee and coconut milk on the stove and then blended in the Chai. Super rich, creamy and foamy and absolutely DELICIOUS! You guys hit this one out of the park!!!!! We have already gone through 1.5 boxes and we only started ordering these two weeks ago!!

    Jennifer B. 07.28.2017