The Best Herbs For Love & Romance

The Best Herbs For Love & Romance

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Schizandra Berry

Thai Black Ginger

Reishi Mushroom


- Hi, and welcome back to the Addictive Wellness Channel. My name's Sage, and today I'm excited to share with you guys my six favorite herbs to set the stage for a romantic evening, or to just generally incorporate long-term, to optimize your romantic life. Now these are gonna approach it, it being romance, from a number of different directions because there's nothing simple about romance. There is nothing, you know, it's not just something that is one aspect and that's all there is to it, there's many levels and elements to it, all of which, ideally, you need to get into the right place for the magic to occur.

So the first one I wanna mention is reishi mushroom. And a lot of people would not be very inclined to think of this as something for romance. But here's why I think this is incredibly important. This is one of, if not the best herb to bring down stress and anxiety and get you out of your head and into your heart. There is nothing worse for prospective romance and a lovely evening with your partner than to be super stressed. We all know that. You don't wanna have your head somewhere else. You know, stress is also horrible for your hormone health if it's, like, chronic stress. And if your body is in stress all the time, you're not gonna be producing the right hormones to have a healthy romantic life. And that's gonna be a huge issue in your relationship.

So reishi is tremendous and it's such a great heart opening herb. If you haven't had a real strong, what, you know, in China would be called a Shen reishi, this is a reishi with a very strong, spiritual, elevating energy to it, you really are missing out. Reishi, just it opens the heart. And that's why whenever I'm making a romantic elixir, or for example, with our Love Chocolate, reishi always comes in the mix because this is such a beautiful thing. And you don't wanna have just a base chakra experience. This is an opportunity to connect on many levels, including on the heart level. And I think reishi can really be supportive there.

The next one is Schizandra berry. And this has so many benefits, right? Not only does it make you more beautiful, which certainly helps in its own way for romance 'cause it's so good for skin health, but Schizandra, specifically, as we are looking down the romantic pathway, is great because, for women, it's said, traditionally, to increase the quantity of the female elixir. And then on the man's side, it's also very helpful. It's like this was almost designed for this. So for women, you're increasing the quantity of the female elixir. For guys, you are delaying ejaculation and helping with premature ejaculation issues. Schizandra is an astringent, locking herb in its nature. And so it's gonna help for guys to keep things locked down until, you know, the appropriate time.

Then the next one I wanna talk about is Black Ginger. This is an herb coming from Thailand. And it's what's called a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. You don't need to know exactly what that means, but the basic breakdown is that when you have Black Ginger you're able to have more vasodilation. More vasodilation means more opened up blood flow. For guys, it's obvious why that's gonna be helpful. More blood? Well, that has certain levitational properties to it. But it's also important for women. Women need blood flow down south of the border. And that's a big part of, you know, like why foreplay is so important, is to bring the blood flow to these areas. And if you have some vasodilators incorporated, like Black Ginger, that can help open up the blood flow and make it easier for the blood to go to these places, it's great. And so this is, yeah, it's like, you know, I try to line these up in a way that's gonna be a win-win for everybody so that you and your partner can have the same drink. You don't really need to do different things. You can both really be enjoying it.

The next would be Cistanche. This kind of aligns with the Black Ginger a little bit. Cistanche is one of the most famous traditional Chinese aphrodisiac herbs and is really great at sending the circulation down south of the border. It's also really good for supporting the kidneys and the adrenals. It's got a bit of a fiery energy to it. And so it's supporting the endocrine system. So if you think about this in a bit of an evolutionary kind of context, an animal or a human is not gonna be necessarily driven to mate as a first priority, if they are feeling very vulnerable. If they're feeling that they've, you know, tapped into their energy reserves, and they're in a bit of a fragile state, they're not necessarily on, you know, on the look for romance. But if you are feeling, like, strong, and vital, and powerful, this is a much better way to feel going into something. And it's gonna, you know, open you up a lot more when you're feeling good. Nobody says, "I don't wanna feel good before making love to my partner." No, you wanna feel amazing.

And this next herb goes right into that as well. Mucuna Pruriens. This is an Ayurvedic herb, although it grows in many tropical regions around the world. And this is a seedpod that grows on a tree. And if you subscribe to the doctrine of signatures by which the thing, whatever it looks like, is what it works on in the body, like you've known people say, "Okay, a walnut is good for the brain. Berries, they're round. They're good for your eyes." And various things like this, you know? Certain things might look the lungs, or different body parts, right? Well, if you look at a picture of Mucuna, it looks like a male appendage on a tree. So it's great aphrodisiac herb. It's the highest natural source of L-DOPA, precursor to dopamine. So it's a serious happiness neurotransmitter coming in there. And Mucuna has been shown, in animal studies, it's interesting the way they describe this, so they give it to the mice, and they say, "It increases the frequency of mounting sessions, the duration of the mounting sessions, and decreases the time of rest needed in-between the sessions." So I'll let you guys, you know, interpret that but I think you get what's going on there. So this is a very powerful herb in many directions but it is a great romantic tool to have in your herbal toolkit in your little home tonic bar.

And then I also wanna mention He Shou Wu. Now this is an herb that has a great story. And we'll put a link, you know, to a video talking more about this. But it's one of the greatest fertility supportive herbs. It's a Yin Jing herb meaning it's very restorative of your core kidney adrenal reserve energy. It's putting more money in your energy savings account. And this one I put in here, it's both for men and women 'cause, okay, everybody needs this. But especially for men, because frequent ejaculation for men is something that is gonna be depleting these core reserves. This is what's called, in China, a Jing leak. And so, you know, like once a week is a healthy amount. And you can certainly have relations during that week, but you don't wanna let it go. And then, you know, ideally you develop the ability to have orgasms without ejaculation and that's, you know, something we can talk about further. You know, if you guys wanna have a video about that, leave a comment below and let me know and we'll see, but to have herbs in here that are restoring this. So for, you know, a lot a guys, like, you'll have sex, you'll ejaculate, and then interest in being really close to your partner, like, fades out for a bit 'cause you're a bit depleted and you gotta go rebuild. And that's certainly good to have that awareness. But if you can have a herb that, you know, helps to replenish what you've been depleting if you are being very active in this department, that's a really good idea. And so that's why we put He Shou Wu in our Love Chocolate.

So we've got like, you know, the really active aphrodisiacs. and they're things like Black Ginger and Cistanche. We don't do Schizandra in there, 'cause the Schizandra flavor doesn't quite combine very well with chocolate. But there's a lot of really great things you can do with Schizandra berry just a little bit separately. But these herbs I think have such great synergy together in this department. So let me know if you guys have ever tried any of these herbs, what your experience has been, if you're open to sharing. And if you wouldn't mind, if this video has been, you know, helpful, and positive, or interesting, or has made you laugh, or anything good, do me a favor and give us a like, follow us, or subscribe, depending on where you're watching this video. And I hope this brings a little bit of extra love into your Valentine's Day this year. Or if you're not watching this shortly after we posted it, if you're watching this, you know, in the summertime, or many years from now, guess what? Love doesn't have to be seasonal. You can use these any time of year to great effect, and I sure hope you will. Thanks so much for watching. Hope you have a great day. And look forward to seeing you again here soon.

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These videos are very thought provoking. The question that I would like to have answered is this. How can I get all these herbs, black ginger, schizandra Berry,Reishi mushroom and other herbs in one capsule or a couple of capsules. Thank You in advance for your response.

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