Sexy Aphrodisiac Elixir for Valentine's Day

Sexy Aphrodisiac Elixir for Valentine's Day

The perfect tonic herbal aphrodisiac elixir for an unforgettable Valentine's evening!


Ingredients (Serves 2):


1 teaspoon cistanche
1 teaspoon cordyceps
1 teaspoon morinda
1 teaspoon gelatinized maca
2 tablespoons cacao powder
2 tablespoons coconut oil
12-20 drops liquid stevia
2 cups hot water Blend on high and enjoy!
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- Hi, I'm Sage. Welcome back to the Addictive Wellness channel.

- Hi everybody, my name is AnnaBlanca.

- Today we're getting ready for Valentine's day. It's right around the corner and we're gonna show you guys how to make a quick, really easy, super-powerful aphrodisiac drink that everyone's gonna enjoy. You're gonna love it, and your partner is gonna just really enjoy it.

- Alright. Why don't we start with cordyceps. It's one of my favorite herbs and I know I say this about every herb so I should really shut up. Their good for both male and female sexual enhancement, and it's one of the best sexual tonic herbs out there. It helps to release the testosterone and helps your body to utilize its own oxygen, so you have more focus, more stamina, and also, very interestingly, they say it helps with sexual malaise and you read into that what you would.

- Alright, so you gonna put that in?

- Yes, of course.

- Alright, so now we've got cistanche. This one is traditionally known as the stalk enlarger. I'll let you guys figure that one out. I think it's pretty straight forward. It's great for both men and women, for enhancing sexual energies and for intensifying the climax experience.

- Right. And they actually say that cistanche and my next herb is very good together. Why?

- Well, it's very good for guys, so nothing happens before you want it to happen. Timing is really the name of the game.

- I actually agree with you on that. Timing is the name of the game. So this other herb that I just said they go very good together with the cistanche it's called morinda. And ladies, it's really good for feeling juicy. It has actually yang fiery energy. Yang is, you know, yin yang. And yang is more like the male energy. But we like having ...

- It's fiery and passionate.

- Very passionate. And also it enhances physical endurance and your mental power. Imagine you are going on a very beautiful date and you would like some smarts, it's gonna help you with that.

- So during your date, you're gonna be really intelligent and on it, and then later, you'll be on it in another way.

- So, this little cup contains all the passion and we're adding it into our potion.

- Alright, next we're gonna use gelatinized maca. Now, why gelatinized? This just means it's been processed with some heat and that is to break down the starches and the fiber so it's actually easier to digest. Raw maca can cause some flatulence and if there's one thing we don't want you to have on your sexy Valentine's evening, it's flatulence.

- No comment. I always agree with you my darling.

- Yeah.

- So let's put ...

- Now we have our cacao powder. So this is our own Addictive Wellness Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao. It's got a flavor unlike any other cacao I bet you've ever experienced. If you're a fan of our chocolate and you love that rich aromatic flavor that it's got, you're gonna love this. So we're gonna put that right in there and that's not just for flavor. Cacao has a lot of, not necessarily directly aphrodisiacs, but things that make you feel happy and relaxed and blissful, and that naturally allows for a beautiful romantic experience. It's got compounds like phenylethylamine, anandamide, theobromine. These are all gonna get you in the right state.

- The same chemicals that are released in your brain when you're in love.

- Yeah. That's PEA, phenylethylamine. It's the compound naturally produced by you when you're in love. That's why chocolate and Valentine's are so inextricably intertwined.

- I think chocolate and this tonic together...

- Yeah, you could always have a couple pieces of love chocolate, but this is better.

- Alright let's cream it up a little bit.

- Alright, so we've got coconut oil going in here. That's gonna be, essentially, our creamer. There's other options you could use here. Grass-fed ghee, if that's something you're into, is a great addition, and really great flavor-wise as well. And you can even use like a styrian roasted pumpkin seed oil, really high in zinc so

- Oh.

- So great for male function there as well.

- Alright, and a little bit of hot water. One cup of hot water. Or you can double up the dose if you want to make it a drink for two.

- And then six drops of stevia going in there, give or take a few drops, depending on how sweet or not sweet you like it.

- This is, what flavor is that?

- This is the butterscotch flavored stevia, so that combines really nicely with the cacao.

- Organic.

- Of course, there's different flavored stevias out there but this is an organic, butterscotch stevia. Now, we're just gonna blend this up and you're ready to roll.
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I’m addicted!!! I want more dark chocolate.

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