Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Into your VitaMix blender put:
1 (BPA-free) can of pumpkin frozen into an ice tray
2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds
1 Tablespoon Lucuma
1 Tablespoon Mesquite
1 Tablespoon Raw Hexane-Free Sunflower Lecithin
1/2 teaspoon Gelatinized Maca
1/2 teaspoon Addictive Wellness Tremella Mushroom
1/2 teaspoon Addictive Wellness Lion’s Mane Mushroom
1 tablespoon Pumpkin Spice Blend (See below)
1 tablespoon Caprylic Acid C8 MCT Oil
1 tablespoon Grass-Fed Ghee (optional)
20 drops Plain Stevia
Blend on high until smooth while aggressively using the tamper/plunger to drive the ingredients down into the blade. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice Blend
3 Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon
2 teaspoons Ground Nutmeg
1.5 teaspoons Ground Allspice
1.5 teaspoons Ground Cloves
- You know what we don't have? The basic, the pumpkin. We were about to shoot this video for you guys but you know what we forgot, we have every ingredient except the pumpkin. Hang on, let me go to the pumpkin patch. I'll be back. You keep everybody entertained, AnnaBlanca.

- You just leave me here? I have to entertain you guys. Pumpkin pie ice cream. You know how it was invented? For unbelievably hot fall days here in California because it's October, we all wanna have something pumpkin pie. But today was 81 and tomorrow it's gonna be 91 degrees here in L.A. We're boiling up. So what else can you do? Have a pumpkin pie ice cream, right?

- Let's get to it!

- But it's good even if you're in a colder climate because next week it's gonna be colder here and we still gonna be eating it. Yeah! All right, what we did, we got organic pumpkin pie cans in a BPA free lining and then we just froze it, overnight. Let's put them, oh I think we should have taken these out earlier honey.

- We can do it AnnaBlanca.

- You think so?

- I'm not sure anymore.

- I am not so sure about it either--

- Okay, there's one.

- Whoo! All right, these are not easy to pop out.

- You have to do it in Hungarian, they call, poosh.

- Push?

- Poosh!

- I have one, thank you. So these are these silicone ice cubes and apparently they were better for ice than pumpkin.

- And pumpkin though is a great source of prebiotics.

- Oh really?

- You hear so much about gut health these days and pumpkin is--

- They are good for you.

- Food source of prebiotics.

- They're good for your gut.

- Yes? And so is Jerusalem Artichoke, right?

- That also, yes!

- What else is good for other prebiotic?

- Chocolate.

- Are you kidding me?

- No.

- I knew this but I'm just pretending.

- Cacao contains one of the best prebiotic fibers of anything.

- So why is this good for the gut?

- 'Cause it has prebiotic fibers.

- But why are prebiotic fibers good for the gut?

- Because your microbiome, because, because, because, hang on, I'm trying to clean up the table here from this pumpkin mess a little bit. Because your microbes, in Hungary, they call in your bio-dome.

- Seriously!? So the microbes in your bio-dome can eat the prebiotic fiber and they get happier because of it.

- All right so as you can see, these are beautiful little pumpkin squares, they are in our blender. Next, what should we do next my darling?

- Start with the big ones.

- The big ones?

- Yeah.

- All right. Hemp seed, hemp hearts and I don't think they started calling them hemp hearts because they're good for the heart but they should.

- Made sure to call them hemp hearts 'cause that was good for marketing.

- Oh really, genius. Anyhow it's very good, a very high source of Omega-3. Of course it's only plant sourced Omega-3 but still it's Omega-3.

- Yeah so keep in mind it's still good to get long chain Omega-3 either coming from a fish oil, algae oil or krill oil, 'cause it's very important for the health of the brain and nervous system.

- All right.

- Inflammation as well.

- Next, Lucuma, let's go with Lucuma. Lucuma is a beautiful creamer and it's a South American egg-fruit, it's a fruit. It's got the shape of an egg, and it's very delicious. It's slightly sweet, so some people use it as a sweetener although--

- It doesn't have much sugar in it, which is great.

- Exactly, it's wonderful. And it's one of the super foods.

- Yeah, well it's kind of a super food sidekick. I don't know if you can really--

- Call it Robin.

- Consider it a super food. It's yeah, so it's good for trace minerals, good for B Vitamins.

- Yes, right, right.

- And makes this taste really nice. There's kind of a nice vanilla-caramel flavor.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- We like to do this, eenie, meanie, miney, moe. So if you did Lucuma, why don't we jump over to Mesquite?

- Okay now we're in Argentina.

- I don't know much about Mesquite except a lot of people think that this is something that you barbecue with.

- Well so the wood of the Mesquite tree is what people use to barbecue. This is the pod that grows on these, it's the seed pod that grows on that tree and it's actually--

- Wait a minute, unbelievably great scent.

- I thought your were going to sniff it and tell me like, oh this has gone bad, we should not be using this.

- What, no, I would not say that, no it's beautiful. The smell of it and you know, he calls me a super sniffer because I just love good smell, like, I would wear this as a perfume.

- It's kind of like a cinnamon graham cracker kind of a flavor. It's a complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids. But it's not that high in protein, to be just, you know reasonable about it. But it is you know, a really good source of fiber. So that's something it does have in it's corner.

- And I'm gonna go for the sunflower lecithin. You also put it there because into an ice cream because it's a great creamer. And it's amazingly good for the brain.

- Yeah and you take what supplement every morning? It comes from sunflower--

- Phosphatidylcholine.

- Yeah that's it.

- I love Phosphatidylcholine. It's great for the brain.

- Yes it is.

- It's a very good anti-aging for the brain. And I love that this sunflower lecithin we use is that Sage found it, it's not processed with Hexane.

- Yeah it's cold pressed, Hexane free. Most sunflower lecithins, and you're seeing sunflower lecithin all over the place, replacing soy lecithin which is nice, but most sunflower lecithins are extracted using Hexane a pretty strong chemical solvent and if you call and ask the companies they will even tell you that there is a certain percentage of Hexane left over in the final product. Which is obviously sub optimal, especially if you have a weak liver, it can give you headaches and things like that. So, it's no good.

- Yeah, we don't like that.

- It's no good, so you wanna look for sunflower lecithin that is organic and cold pressed.

- Organic and cold pressed. Okay, now we're gonna do eenie, meanie, miney, moe--

- Now we're going to the herbs.

- We have three herbs in here and out of these three actually we carry two. So I am thinking, should we start with lion's mane, tremella, no this is lion's mane, this is tremella.

- Start with gelatinized maca.

- Okay, gelatinized maca. I am so quite sure you guys heard of maca, huh? Hubba hubba come to mama. It's good for your hormones. It can give you a little bit of that sexy feeling. It's not why we're putting it in here. There are other--

- No this is for Thanksgiving. This is for family time.

- It is for family time but the gelatinized--

- But see imagine okay, it's Thanksgiving, everyone's had the big dinner and now you're gonna have dessert. Now most people have that dessert and they're dead tired 'cause they're crashing on sugar. Here we're not adding any sugar and we're adding gelatinized maca, which is great for your oxygen absorption and energy and endurance so you'll be awake and be able to enjoy this precious time with your family.

- Yes, what he said. And it's very important that you're using gelatinized maca and not raw maca. Because gelatinized maca is much harder for your system to break down and digest and if you have raw maca and on top of that big dinner, there will be a lot of that flatulence, which you really don't want.

- No better way to kill a Thanksgiving family party.

- All right so, we are going with the gelatinized maca in here, all right. In to the blender.

- And that along with Lucuma and actually sunflower lecithin in there, they're all emulsifiers, meaning they help to cream things up. So it's gonna give us an amazing texture in our final product here.

- All right so let's go with tremella, speaking of emulsifiers. This is actually another very amazing herb. It does a little bit of creaming but why we love it the most, because it really helps your body and your skin from the inside out have a better hyaluronic acid production. So some of the most famous Chinese, the most famous Chinese beauty, Yang Guifei is her name, Yang Guifei?

- Yeah, she lived in the 8th century.

- 8th century and she actually aided her beauty that she ate and consumed, I mean, this lion's mane mushroom every single day.

- No that's not lion's mane, this is.

- Tremella mushroom, that's exactly what I was going to say. And I even love the name of it, isn't it beautiful? It's romantic, tremella. And yep, this is one of the two herbs we are going to be using right now. We actually do carry it. And I would love to show it to the back of this packet for you guys, but it looks like, it's gorgeous. It's a very beautiful--

- we'll put a picture up here in the corner.

- Okay good. And I can say the same thing about lion's mane. It's a beautiful mushroom. And speaking of lion's mane, that is the next one. It's great for brain.

- It is indeed. So lion's mane helps with, it actually contains nerve growth factors in the extract. And this is a dual extract, meaning it's extracted both into water and alcohol so you get both the water and alcohol soluble fractions of it which is a big deal, 'cause you're getting more than just half of what's there. And so this can actually help with the myelin sheath that goes around your nerves, it's kind of like this protective coating around your nerves and if you have more of it, electrical signals can actually travel along them faster. And it's also helping with regrowing damaged areas of the brain.

- So if people, somebody had a brain injury, this is one of the most incredibly important part of recovery.

- And it's also great for preventing long term cognitive decline. So if, I'm sure there's people in your family who are getting up there in years and if you wanna turn them on to something at Thanksgiving that's gonna be amazing, tell 'em about lion's mane mushroom but don't push it too hard, just set the seed in there gently and then put it in the ice cream and then they'll get more excited about it. 'Cause it's gonna taste amazing.

- It's one of our products, we had to start selling it because we are gigantic fans of this mushroom and it's benefits. All right, the last thing in here, Sage is making this spice mix for us because when I like to make pies, the actual pie he makes this mix. What's in this spice mix my darling?

- So here we are actually, you know what, if you wanna see the whole recipe for this pumpkin spice mix and the whole recipe for this ice cream, just got to addictivewellness.com/pumpkin and it will break down the exact blend of spices that we put in here. So for example a couple of things that are in there are, cinnamon and clove.

- Nutmeg.

- And nutmeg.

- Cardamom?

- And cardamom and all spice.

- All spice too, whoo hoo hoo! All right, so a whole teaspoon of it.

- No, no, no.

- How much is this?

- Upgrade. Tablespoon.

- Tablespoon. A whole tablespoon of it is going in the blender.

- You want the flavor.

- All right, so now let's get in a couple of facts, please. It's already out on the table, you grabbed them.

- Yeah so we're gonna start with, now we're continuing the idea of energy and fat burning here so--

- And brain health!

- And brain health so we're gonna use MCT oil but not just any kind of MCT oil, this is C8, caprillic acid, it's a specific kind. Normally you have C8, 10 and sometimes even 12 when you're talking about MCT oils. This is just C8, it's the one that's turned most easily by your body into ketones, which is the fat burning source of energy. So it's allowing you to have energy without you know a spike and a crash but a form of energy--

- And your brain works better.

- It's much more sustainable.

- Yes much clarity, yeah.

- It's great for your brain as well guys.

- Exactly, and we have some grass fed ghee if you're vegan of course--

- You can skip this part.

- Yeah double up the MCT and skip this. And ghee, I love how when you go through how in Ayurveda they say that the grass is the essence of the sun, and the milk is the essence of the grass, and the cream is the essence of the milk, and the butter is the essence of the cream. And ghee is the essence of the sun, of everything!

- High five!

- And like five times the ride, so, it is a whole ingredient, it's beautiful. It tastes great, it smells great, and it's good for your brain, good for your hormones.

- Yeah it's--

- Softens your organs.

- There you go.

- There you go.

- You got it all, you got it covered. I got nothing left to say about that.

- Thank you. He's always very, very awesome with praises. All right.

- And finally, sweetener. So we're gonna put our stevia in here.

- How many drops?

- We are gonna do I think 20 drops.

- 20 drops let's make it nice and sweet. Not too sweet, but this is good I think for a big bowl of dessert like this. Do we have a plunger in here to blend?

- We do, we got everything.

- All right, so now this is going--

- In our little forest kitchen out here we have already mixed, ready to go.

- Let's show the setup, so here is the plunger and here is the top of our VitaMix. And then this is when I step back and let my darling use his muscles. Let's see how we did here?

- Okay.

- AnnaBlanca are you having a good time?

- No, do you have any idea how hard it is to dance to a blender?

- No but you have that fantastic music going and there's no excuses.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You're amazing. You're a spectacular human being.

- Guys there was no music, I was dancing to the blender in here.

- Oh come on, you ruined the special effects that I'm gonna put on there. I'm gonna put music over this and it's gonna be like, great, okay.

- Okay so now you guys know the background.

- So let's scoop this out and have our own little private ice cream party.

- I'm going to go scoop it out now. Whoo, all right! Oh my, my! That looks incredible! You can turn this blender upside down it's never gonna budge.

- And that's how you make the pumpkin pie ice cream. Now this, it's an ice cream but really it's so thick and rich and incredible you could really use it in place of the filling of a pumpkin pie. So if you've just got the crust, you could easily use this and just plop it inside and--

- Bumping back, pumpkin pie ice cream cake?

- Something like that, yes. It's incredible and it will definitely be one to impress the family with.

- And let us know if you tried it out and how you liked it.

- And have a wonderful Thanksgiving guys! We wish the best to you and your families.

- Happy Thanksgiving!
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