How to Feed Your Heart, Body, and Soul

How to Feed Your Heart, Body, and Soul

How to Feed Your Soul

By Shanna Fanelli

Figuring out health these days can be intimidating. Looking at a list of popular diets and lifestyle hacks holds more shout-outs than any rap song roll-call. An innocent run to the grocery store becomes a race where items are either quickly tossed into the cart before that “health-nut” you always run into can scan your selections, or you end up with a walk-of-shame over the extraneous amount you spent on organic, biodynamic superfoods. 

All in the name of health.

But really, what is health? Is it simply the act of feeding our bodies the energetic fuel it needs? Is it creating a rigid schedule of yoga and alternating between calisthenics and cardio? Is it being in the BBG community? Is it looking lean and amazing or is it being able to count grams and be the Jeopardy Master of the nutritional content of everything?

We count and chart and macro until we’ve cornered our gastronomic experiences into such a microcosm of rules and comparisons that we throw in the proverbial towel and wind up doing exactly what we should be doing, only with the wrong types of foods, drinks and activities – and that, my friends, is the simple act of eating and doing what we want.

To be truly nourished encompasses the entire BE-ing; that is, your mind, body and heart. When you nourish yourself, you honor yourself. Yes, investing in the best foods and supporting local farmers and craftsworkers will connect your spirit to your intentions of humanity, love and respect, but are you encompassing these beliefs in all that you do? Even if you’re eating the most nutritious, paleo, sugar-free chocolate treats, staying in ketosis and doing high intensity interval training, you likely won’t reach your true goals without practices to nourish yourself on a deeper level. 

It’s this authentic concept of nourishing ourselves - on all levels - that is what we are really craving. Digesting feelings of gratitude for the air we breath, love and respect for the earth we harvest from, grace and empathy for those around us (in addition to our daily practices of ingesting pure foods and drink) – this is true wellness. Moving our bodies with awareness, noticing the small magic in the everyday, being conscience and truly tapping into our intuition of what we really want grounds us and keeps us in tune with who we are. Nourishment is provided in the warming sun, the wet waters, the physical earth and the invisible winds. These elements are in everything and in us. Our authentic selves want to connect to all the earth provides – every natural experience, taste, and sound is not only exciting but healing and regenerative! 

True nourishment is not a trend, it’s not a list, it’s not waiting to be read or bought and it certainly isn’t out to intimidate or impress.

Don’t worry about doing diets, trends or health. Just BE well, be grateful, aware, respectful to life and self-honor. And listen to YOUR body – it is a sacred vessel, and it will tell you what you really want. Without any roll-call.

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