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Avatar Blue Butterfly Anti-Aging Superfood Ice Cream

This is a recipe we've been looking forward to making for a really long time! It's not just a treat for the tastebuds, but also a treat for the eyes- that blue color is just so incredible!  And of course the texture and flavor are downright addictive ;)  If that wasn't enough, watch the video to learn why the star ingredient has serious anti-aging benefits.

 If you don't have a high-power blender like a VitaMix, you can use 6 oz of ice and 12 oz of almond milk or coconut milk to make a blue milk shake... not quite the same thing as ice cream, but still totally delicious!

In a VitaMix Blender put:
10 lage Ice cubes (Approx. 24 oz ice)
2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds
2 Tablespoons Lucuma
1 Tablespoon Non-GMO Lecithin
1 teaspoon Tremella powder (optional)
2 teaspoons Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Powder
1 Tablespoon Grass-fed Ghee (vegans can substitute coconut oil, mct oil or soaked cashews)
20 drops Omica Liquid Stevia

Blend on high until smooth while aggressively using the tamper/plunger to drive the ingredients down into the blade. Enjoy!

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