AVAP Vegan Strawberry Tartlets with Ariane Sommer

AVAP Vegan Strawberry Tartlets with Ariane Sommer

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1/4 cup of medjool dates
1/4 cup of coconut chips
1/4 cup of oats
1/4 cup of mix coconut cream and coconut oil
blended smooth in a food processor or Vitamix

Molded into little tartlets and put into the fridge or freezer for about half an hour

3/4 cup of coconut cream (the top of a full fat can of cream kept in the fridge overnight)
chopped strawberries
1/4  cup tocotrienols
2 Tablespoons Pine Pollen
1 Tablespoon Pearl Powder (Optional)
Liquid Stevia to tase

- Welcome back to the Addictive Wellness channel. My name is AnnaBlanca, and I'm so excited, like a kid before Christmas time. I can do the little happy dance in here because this time I have one of my dearest and most amazing, hold on guys, I have to give her a hug, this woman, we've known each other practically all our lives and I'm just excited that she's joining us today. Her name is Ariane Sommer. She is an author. She is a novelist, she's a columnist, and she's a wellness and health activist. Now, that is a mouthful guys, and this woman is doing it every single day. There's nobody I admire more than she.

- AnnaBlanca, thank you so much for the introduction. I should keep you around all the time because you just make me feel wonderful and all the lovely words you've said, I can just give back, I am--

- I would work for free if I can hang out with her all the time. Sorry, honey. Love you, too.

- A lot, her.

- So tell us more because you said that you were actually... Okay, I was almost jumping ahead. She traveled the entire world because she grew up in a diplomatic household, which gave her an unparalleled exposure to the entire world.

- Yeah, I was very fortunate. My dad was an ambassador for Germany, so when I was eight weeks old, I was yanked out of Germany straight into West Africa, Sierra Leone, and then every three to four years, another place. India, Spain, Germany, United States, and at some point, and this is the wonderful thing, AnnaBlanca and I actually met in Munich many many years ago 'cause, as you guys probably

- We were partying.

- very well know, she's also an international globetrotter and seen so much of the world. And there we met, yes? We actually met at a fabulous club in Munich.

- Oh yes.

- Then bumped into each other--

- We were shaking our booties, yes.

- She's an amazing dancer.

- And then we bumped into each other in London and Los Angeles.

- Yup.

- And in L.A., we found out that, even though our ways sometimes parted, and then we came back again together, we both ended on the wellness path. Not just in our businesses, but as a lifestyle philosophy.

- Indeed. And thank God, can you imagine where we'd be today if we didn't have?

- We would not be so vital and perfectly, glowingly healthy as we are right now. We're not telling you guys our ages, okay? So tell us about AVAP.

- Well, AVAP is my personal philosophy that I've developed over the last few years. It's an acronym, and it stands for As Vegan As Possible, and also As Vital As Possible. So that's how I've learned to live my life. I've been living in California for 14 years now, and I've been so fortunate 'cause I've been exposed to some of the best teachers, circle of friends, like you and Sage. I've learned so much from you.

- Thank you.

- Both of you, including Sage. I like to call whatever he is so generous to share Sage advice, and turned around my life, living in California, being exposed to all these wonderful, innovative, thoughts, lifestyles, products, that we're right now sitting on top of here in Los Angeles.

- Cannot imagine living anywhere else. We are so... I don't know any other words. Lucky, fortunate, blessed. Okay, yes. So As Vegan As Possible and As Vital As Possible.

- Yes, you've gotta imagine me, having German roots, I used to eat so much meat. I mean, German, they'd make our birthday cakes out of meat, kind of, yikes. I've never had a problem with the flavor of meat. I mean, I probably am guilty of devouring entire herds of cows. Back in the day, but--

- I'm Hungarian, my dad was a veterinarian. We had meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, every day.

- Oh my God.

- Every day.

- But probably straight from the farm, right? Nothing of those farm-ready--

- Only.

- Mass-produced.

- No hormones, no GMOs. You neither, right? At the time, when we were growing up.

- Yeah, not from my parents, but once I was on my own, oh my God, I ate so much fast food, and I was in my late teens and early 20's, I really had a lot of different afflictions from the physical, not to go into TMI here, but it could be acne, it could be psoriasis, just having brittle nails, brittle hair that wouldn't grow. For the women out there who probably can relate to this, a lot of, you know, UTIs and just not feeling comfortable in my skin having a lot of mood swings. Even battling, not with clinical depression, but being very unhappy and feeling disconnected.

- When you travel, it's very hard sometimes to live a healthy lifestyle. And that time, we didn't even have the information to look into the details of what can be causing this.

- Exactly.

- So you as well, as I'm quite sure, many people, took charge of your health. And then you went into a search and research what can help you. So what helped you the most? What created for you right now?

- What really helped me the most was switching my nutrition from a pretty meat-based one, even though at a certain time, I even switched to organic meats, but to one that is 95% plant based. It didn't only change me physically, it also changed my mental focus and wellbeing, and something happens on a metaphysical level as well. Not to get too woo woo...

- Oh we like "woo woo"

- Love it, love it

- I'm the one, I'll wear crystals in my bra, I'll burn candles. Okay, we won't go there today, but

- Some other time, do you guys wanna hear more about what we do?

- Which crystals you should wear in your bra?

- Leave a message, we'll get back to you.

- No, but anyhow, it really changed the way I related to myself, I related to others, the contexts in which I saw myself and the world, I felt like I was part of something, a bigger thing than just myself. I didn't feel this separate little ego thing floating around in a hostile universe anymore. I just reconnected to

- I can never imagine, but I understand, because it's a journey, and I think most of us go through it

- Yes. In our twenties, trying to find ourselves. And then, we were talking about this earlier, how when you developed AVAP, it really allows people not to have to defeatist, "oh, crap, I let myself down again."

- Yes. I think that's I have found that if you wish to implement change in yourself, or even in other people, the best thing is always to lead by example, so telling someone "you need to do this," we all don't like this. However, there's

- It's like raising children. You teach them, forget it. But show as an example, they soak it up. Right?

- Yes.

- Or like, in writing, there is a rule for writing "show, don't tell." And that also applies to real life. So I have discovered, not only for myself, but also for others, and I've actually also spoken to some neuroscientists about this. We human beings, our brains love success. We like feeling good about ourselves.

- No kidding.

- Yeah. So whenever we encounter something in life where we feel like we failed. Let's say, New Year's resolutions. Stop smoking, or exercise, go vegan, whichever it is that you wish to change in your life, then it's normal, sometimes you fall off the wagon. Let's say your mission was

- Who sits there on December 31, waiting for midnight and saying okay, so did I go through with this? With a checklist. Anybody ever does that? I can't imagine.

- No, no. And the thing is, when you have a very severe dogmatic paradigm that you want to live in, or a checklist that you wanna adhere to, once you fail, you get that negative feedback in your brain that "I failed," meaning most people, actually once they feel like they failed, they will just throw overboard the entire mission. So I think when you're less dogmatic, less fanatic, let's say your emotion is, "I want to go plant-based." And, hey, okay, maybe your grandma's eighty-fifth birthday, you'll have a piece of cheesecake. That's okay.

- We don't wanna hurt grandma, right?

- Yeah, exactly. But you know I like to tell my friends when they're embarking on a big lifestyle change, in order to better themselves, help them mentally, I tell them, you know what? When something doesn't quite work out, think about how you would advise a dear friend of yours. I bet you would not be as hard to your friend as you would be to yourself. Be kind to yourself. That's so important. That's also at the core of AVAP. You're human, we all make mistakes, or get a little weak at times. Don't beat yourself up too much, Just follow the red, or in the case, the green thread, and, yeah. Go on.

- Speaking of follow, this girl has an amazing Instagram page already, so follow AVAP.

- Yes. AVAP. A-V-A-P.

- A-V-A-P. And give us some love on her page, and today we are going to make something extremely delicious, and we are going to make a vegan and an AVAP version. And I am so in love with this. So stay tuned, because right now, we're gonna create some magic. Are you ready?

- Yes.

- One, two three.

- Well, now that this table magically appeared here for us, the recipe is from Ariane, so I'm going to take your lead. Show us how you make this.

- Okay, so you probably already know, 'cause we share this, we love super healthy food, but also super yummy food, so the kind of life that we live, our mission to be our optimal selves, we don't go for forgo flavor, we go for full-on flavor.

- Our dinner parties now may have dinners together and our significant others.

- So today, I wanna try something we haven't made together yet.

- No, we have not.

- It's a

- This is new for me super food strawberry coconut whipped cream tartlets, and it's very quick to prepare because there's no baking involved. It's basically a raw dough and it consists all of very good-for-you foods, and the result, how it tastes, is just heavenly. You can fool even people who "I don't wanna eat healthy, I don't care what you" Give them that, they're just gonna be like, Oh yum.

- Yes.

- So that's what we're gonna make today. It's pretty easy, quick, and delicious. So we're going to start out with a cup of oats, which are very nourishing, especially for us women, and as a sweetener, I'm using this medjool dates

- Nice. And I once heard fascinating, that you could actually survive on dates alone for a very long time.

- Really?

- Yes, 'cause they're one of the most nutrient-dense foods on this planet. So we're using also about a cup of dates

- One didn't want to make it.

- Maybe not quite a cup.

- This guy didn't want to be in the bowl.

- He wanted to get inside earlier.

- That was somersault that he jumped out. Okay, go.

- And then we're using coconut flakes. We put all this inside. So this will be our crust, and now all we need to do is, I usually use a food processor at home, but you said you have an amazing magical tool that we're gonna try.

- We're gonna give this a try.

- Go ahead.

- We do not know if it's gonna work, but let's give it a try.

- I like how you're redecorating your place. Coconut looks good.

- I think we might need to make it in a

- Yep.

- It's going in but I think we're gonna put this in a Vitamix.

- Vitamix. Okay, let's magically summon a Vitamix. One, two, three.

- Don't you just love magic in the kitchen?

- I love magic, and I mean, who needs cauldrons? Modern witches use Vitamixes. And yes, Vitamix, you may use this.

- As long as you pay us for it.

- Okay, we love our Vitamix. It's so powerful. But we also realize it's a little bit too dry without it, so what did you say we should put in there to

- Well, we're gonna try first to mix it as is, but in case it doesn't get sticky like it does in the food processor, we're just gonna cheat on my original recipe. Or actually not cheat, we're gonna enhance it, and we're gonna use some coconut milk and a little bit of coconut oil. But we'll give this a whirl first.

- Turn it up, baby.

- Check the consistency,

- I think dry.

- I think we're gonna

- We're gonna cheat a little bit.

- Let me guess, coconut milk mixed with the coconut.

- Yes.

- All right, let's turn it on again. Are you ready?

- Yes. Excellent.

- I think we got it. By George, she's got it. Okay, so I have this fantastic Sweetheart? Will you bring the spoon?

- House elf?

- No, he's not around. I gotta go and get it. Sage?

- Excellent.

- Excellent. Best spoon to get things out of the Vitamix is Tovolo.

- I love it.

- I gotta get one of those.

- So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna

- I give this to you and I gonna put this away.

- We're gonna spoon out a little

- Oooh, that's perfection.

- Makes little balls out of them and then we're going to set them in these bowls. You can do this ideally, also, in tartlet forms, then you can actually also get them out very easy.

- Oh, this is so nice. Look at this.

- And in our house, the rule that we strictly follow is, play with your food. So important to have fun and enjoy your food. The preparation of it, experiment, and if something goes wrong or doesn't pan out right, whatever, just keep going. It's part of the fun.

- I agree.

- So we're gonna stick this into the fridge. Then, in the meantime, we're going to prepare the super food whipped cream.

- Okay, so one of the secrets is to make sure that you keep your cans of coconut cream has to be full fat, and keep it in the fridge.

- Yes.

- Because the fat rises to the top

- And then you just skim that off and use a whole lot. So delicious. And whip it up, and that in itself can be enough, but we like to upgrade our coconut whipped cream.

- Right. What would you like to include?

- So first of all, we're gonna use a little sweetener. I personally like to use Stevia.

- Stevia. So do I.

- And there's some fantastic ones out there. You know there's no bitter aftertaste.

- How many drops?

- I go by feeling. I think this was eight drops right now.

- That's as good.

- I like it sweet, and I eat it too. And in order to really upgrade this coconut whipped cream, we're gonna add some super foods. First of all, here we have tocotrienols.

- Tocotrienols, yummy.

- This is made from rice bran, and it's chock full of Vitamin E. Most of us are Vitamin E deficient.

- Almost everybody is now.

- Yes. And Vitamin E, so it's great for our brains, it's great for our skin, it's great for our bones, and it gives it an extra creamy taste, consistency, slightly sweet too. I just love it. I put tocotrienols into everything. My smoothies, my coconut whipped cream. You could also make a great face mask with a little bit.

- Oh my god, I haven't tried that.

- Mix it in.

- This is getting creamy.

- It actually gets even more of a thick custard consistency Let's turn it around a little bit so you guys can see it.

- Nice and thick

- And then, so here we have something super super special.

- I'm excited.

- I know you and Sage also love. This is pine pollen. It's one of the most nutrient-dense substances on this planet. There are over 200 vitamins, minerals, active biological compounds in there. And especially for vegans, you don't wanna use bee pollen, this is an outstanding alternative. It tastes pretty neutral, maybe slightly resinous, like how the scent of frankincense, an old church smell, for me, at least.

- Oh my God, you're absolutely right. And I always loved it, and one of the reason I love it because it's a very unusual plant. Most plants, some of them have effects on your hormones. And many of them, of course, you know that you have to stay away from because it will give you too much estrogen. Soy, flax. But pine pollen is androgenic. Actually it helps you with a little bit of testosterone. Gently. Of course, women need one thirtieth of what a man would need, but still its' good to have a little bit of testosterone.

- It makes us feel good, ladies.

- A spring in the step, that "come hither" look to your honey.

- Yes. Gives you a good focus, you feel good about yourself. It's good for muscle tone building.

- And for to have that striving feeling, of course. It comes from testosterone.

- And excellent for your libido, for the lads and the ladies alike. So in with this wonderful stuff.

- This is gonna be some good dessert. I mixed it first before I turned it on. And we have another explosion. All right.

- We do it scarface style. The healthy way, the AVAP way.

- Exactly. Oh yeah, you got some on your dress?

- Doesn't matter.

- So, this right now is the vegan style. What would we do if you wanted to make it AVAP?

- Now, if you wanted to make it AVAP, as Vegan as Possible, but do it sustainably, of course. So you could use bee pollen, as mentioned before. Just make sure it comes from beekeepers who work sustainably, that treat their bees well. And another thing that a lot of people like to use, it has a neutral taste, it's also creamy, is pearl powder. Pearl powder is fantastic for your skin, for your bones, for a peaceful disposition.

- It's a shen herb so they say it's almost like lighting a light from the soul. It's very good for your skin. It's very good, it cleanses the liver. It's magical.

- And again, as with everything, that is not purely I mean, as with everything, period, but especially with everything that's not 100 percent plant-based, just know your sources, and support the kind of people and companies that work together with our planet and not against it.

- A lot of pearl powders are not sustainably sourced, which is one of the reasons you can't do it in an AVAP program, because you still wanna have respect for their environment and their world.

- Absolutely, yes. But today, our version here is completely vegan.

- So let's go and check on what's going on

- Yes, let's check on our crust. It's nice and cold and set, and then we're gonna bring it over here and then we're gonna fill the tarts.

- Layer it. Yeah.

- Oh my, I'm getting really hungry.

- This is my favorite Oh, can you grab this and eat this please?

- Thank you. The things I have to do on alter of health and wellness video shooting.

- This is my favorite part, just filling up these beautiful little tartlets, and as you can see, don't be shy. This is a super healthy, superfood cream. And it's just fun to throw it.

- Yes. Yes.

- As she said earlier, she likes to play with food.

- Yes. Play with your food. It's good for you. There you go.

- Just nice, thick dollops. Okay, one left. One left.

- Good portion, girl.

- I think this is gonna be mine.

- Yes, it will. And since it's going to be yours

- She really is going to fill it up perfectly.

- Yes, excellent.

- Ooh, I like it like this, let's leave it messy.

- There you go. Okay, so now

- Strawberries.

- For this part, we just plop strawberries all around, you know?

- Easy peasy, just stick them right in there and, oops.

- As you can see, I just cut them in big chunks. Some people might like them a little bit finer, so just, whatever you like, whatever your preference is. I just like big ol' pieces of fruit.

- [AnnaBlanca] Oh, perfection.

- [Ariane] I love to chew.

- It is our company's philosophy, everything is better with a little bit of melted chocolate.

- And especially with your chocolate. This is actually my favorite chocolate of yours, the Love Chocolate. And I think the particular herbal ingredients go so well with the pine pollen and the libido boosting properties of the pine pollen.

- Oh my god, okay, so

- You think our guys are going to be lucky guys?

- I think you should take some of this home to your honey tonight. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, and we're so happy that you got to meet Ariane.

- Thank you for being here, for sharing your time with AnnaBlanca and me. I hope we could inspire you a little bit and open you up to the AVAP life.

- Oh my god, this is so good.

- It's actually delicious.

- This is amazing.

- Oh yeah. Honey, do you want one?

- [Sage] Yeah.
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