M. Parke Studio She Chocolate Review

M. Parke Studio She Chocolate Review

"The Goddess is alive. Magic is afoot." - Z. Budapest

When you head out for Cindo de Mayo dinner and your friends AnnaBlanca + Sage of Addictive Wellness show up with a box of their raw, heirloom, artisinal chocolates that just so happen to be in total and complete alignment with your sugar-free mission.  And then you realize that it is their brand new flavor called SHE, dedicated to ultimate femininity, and that May's M.PARKE STUDIO theme is REVIVING THE GODDESS and wow, how delicious is this moment.  So you take a few for the road at the end of the magical evening + continue the celebrations on the journey home.

SHE is infused with the following goddess reviving superherbs :

SHATAVARI :: translated as “having one hundred roots”, Shatavari has been used for centuries in Ayurveda as a rejuvenative tonic for the female reproductive system.  It is also very supportive for women transitioning through all the natural phases of life from young woman to menopause. 

WHITE PEONY :: is commonly used for enriching blood and regulating menses.  A compound in White Peony called paeoniflorin has been shown to act as a muscle relaxant, and has been used for painful menstruation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and PCOS.  It is also particularly helpful when combined with other fertility herbs.

MACA :: helps to balance hormones and can be helpful in relieving menstrual irregularities, discomfort and menopause.  Also effectively enhances libido.

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