Lion's Mane Mushroom

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In the modern world, we are placing more intense demands on our brains and nervous systems than ever before! Meanwhile low fat diets, toxicity and stress have left our mental health more at risk than ever!

Enter Lion's Mane, a mushroom that grows on hardwood and has gained a strong following in the nootropic world in recent years.

A human study conducted in Japan found that supplementing with 3g of Lion's Mane per day could enhance cognition including improved memory, recall, focus, and attention.

Human studies have shown Lion's Mane can help improve depression and anxiety symptoms after several weeks of supplementation.

Lion's Mane can help neurogenesis and myelination, leading to improvements in brain health.

Please do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you have a health condition or are taking any medication, consult your health professional before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Norah M.
United States United States
Love your products!

Your products are of such high quality and always arrive on time. I can not live without the Lionsmane And Cordycepts in the morning and then the Ashwaganda and Reishi at night! I was recommended by a friend and am hooked!

Liliana I.
United States United States
Fun and Flavorful Wellness

My experience with this company is, simply put, pure awesomeness. I just got their butterfly pea flower powder for the first time and it is amazing. I just made a beautiful, refreshing fizzy lemonade with it. Yas I’m so fancy. Also, got their Astragalus which is great and their Lion’s Mane which I can’t wait to try for the first time. Their Tremella mushroom powder is great for health purposes but I have also learned about its versatility in recipes thanks to the Addictive Wellness Channel videos. Thankfully, this company is all over social media spreading knowledge, recipes, love, and wellness. Just yesterday, I made one of the recipes they posted on instagram and their site: their AMAZING Spirulina Thin Mint Fudge Bars. Now, I am obsessed. Thankfully, these people exist and we can all discover just how fun and flavorful wellness can be.

myra F.
United States United States

I'm so happy with this product! I just mix it in my coffee & don't even taste it. It doesn't clump at just mixes right in. I know the quality of their product is excellent & feel great that my coffee is even healthier now!

Laurie t.
United States United States
The best!

AMAZING! The chocolate is so amazing and I get the lions mane for brain health as well. Can not wait to make my way into all their products!

Vivian K.
United States United States
Lion's Mane

We were so pleased with our Lion's Mane purchase. My honey has tinnitus with hearing loss, and I started him on the Host Defense capsules originally. I heard Sage talk about his company, Addictive Wellness on a friend's podcast... and I was impressed by the care they put into sustainably (very important to us) sourcing the highest quality products. I feel good about mixing in that teaspoon of powdered mushroom into hot water every day for him. Just the ritual of it is healing, and it's only day 5 and the flavor has totally grown on him - so much so that he reminds me if I'm a little late!