Infrared Saunas for Incredible Detox

You've most likely been in a traditional sauna before, but have you been in an infrared sauna?  Comparing a conventional sauna experience with the ultimate sauna experience in a Clearlight EMF-free Infrared sauna is like comparing Green & Black's Chocolate with Addictive Wellness Chocolate... They both have benefits, but we all know that one is in a different league altogether ;)

What's so special about far infrared? Its the natural wavelength of heat that humans produce, so our body recognizes it as something totally natural.  In a regular hot rock sauna, temperatures can reach up to 190º F.  Why so hot? Because having the rocks get hot, then heat the air, then heat you is a really inefficient method of raising your body temperature.  Anyone who has experienced it knows that this heat is oppressive, hard on the lungs, and really limits the amount of time you can safely spend in the sauna.  On the other hand, the carbon ceramic panels in the infrared sauna only heat the air slightly and more directly heat your body.  Not only does this allow you to stay in longer, but the deeper penetration of the infrared heat actually allows you to sweat out 7.5 times more toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities!

There's also a whole host of other benefits that come with far infrared heat.  It is amazing for improving circulation, which basically allows your body to do everything more effectively.  Think of it as giving all the little workers in your body more efficient methods of transportation to get where they need to go to do their jobs!  Far infrared heat is also extremely relaxing and has been shown to speed healing, promote weight loss (you can burn 600+ calories in one session without moving a muscle!), provide pain relief, and lower blood pressure.

So are all infrared saunas made equal?  Definitely not... there's many different levels of quality.  Our favorite sauna company which we use at home, Clearlight Infrared Saunas, has one unique property that really sets it apart from the rest.  Most all infrared saunas give off extremely high levels of EMF- toxic electromagnetic radiation that over time wreaks havoc on every cell in your body.  To learn more about EMF, check out our recent blog on cell phone radiation.  We are only just beginning to learn how harmful this kind of exposure is.  EMF exposure also pushes your body into fight or flight mode and when in this mode, detoxification pathways shut down and your body focuses on immediate survival.  So the EMF in most infrared saunas is actually inhibiting peoples ability to optimally detoxify! Clearlight Saunas use a special heater construction that completely blocks all EMF so you can really have the ultimate experience!

We use our sauna almost every day.  Sometimes we just go in and relax, sometimes we watch a movie, and sometimes when we don't have time to stop working, we just keep working while in the sauna! Either way, the feeling when you come out is absolutely amazing!

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